🌹 Weight Loss: 3 minute meditative motivation 💚❤

remove all distraction do not work drive
or do anything while I talk you through a meditative guided motivation to help
you feel inspired about losing weight please listen to this as often as you
can it will keep you motivated and encouraged share this with your friends
and family so that they too may experience this meditation so now please
sit back and relax take a few deep breaths and listen to your heartbeat I
am beautiful and healthy I love myself and my body is my temple I take care of
my temple I feed it organic fruits and vegetables with plenty of gorgeous
colors deep blue blueberries red raspberries and strawberries rich green
kale collard greens delicate leaves of lettuce colorful mixed spring greens
delicious and juicy mangoes tangy and sweet oranges and mandarins crunchy and
sweet carrots deep red beets soft and sweet bananas crunchy green and red
apples delightful deep orange and sweet papaya precious cold coconut juice and
the giver of life water I feed my body lots of herbs and spices to give it
excitement and flavor parsley mint oregano cilantro dill time and many more
my body is fuelled with Hardy grains beans and legumes they fill me up and
keep me satisfied they give my body protein evany black beans garbanzo beans
lentils quinoa whole wheat oats and barley brown black and red rice sweet
potatoes and yams deliciously provide my body with more satiety and nourishment
my body craves these foods all the cells in my body rejoice with these foods my
body thanks to me for this pure delicious and wholesome abundance my
body rewards me with light and healthy frame
I feel so light vibrant and joyful I have so much energy I sleep sound and
deep my energy is released in walking hiking biking or doing anything I love
to do my relationship with others is wonderful and joyful as my entire being
is in that constant state people are drawn to me they want to know my secret
spiritually I feel one with our incredibly exquisite planet Earth I am
beautiful and healthy I love myself and my body is a temple I take care of my
temple I keep my temple slender and gorgeous
I respect my body Thank You earth for this beautiful wealth and abundance of
plant foods

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