Xiaoyang , have you cooked ? what time is it ? you tell me . father is about to be back soon hello , welcome back to my channel . this is Chaoxiaochu we haven’t had the intestine for a long time the last time i ate it was last year my father bought the intestine of 2 pigs it weighs about 4kg (actually 5kg ) today i am going to cook it all eat it to be full it stinks . wash it outside lyrics it feels good to enjoy the sunlight hot water cold water it is delicious but hard to wash it do you wanna to smell it ? no take the inside out hit you it is delicious but hard to wash but it is more hygienic to wash it yourself if you want to eat it don’t squad all the time . why ? otherwise you will get a bigger butt nonsense . i saw it online pass me the stool you can’t understand how i feel now smell it . forget about it so comfortable i am so happy do you wanna eat it ? he is not interested in it . how much is it ? 125RMB . that is about 4 kg 5kg . ok we have 5kg intestine Xiaoyang you are so beautiful when you smile just like the intestine i wanna hit you you are bad our chicken and the chicken of my neighbor are they in a romantic relationship ? listen . do you like me ? it said went away . i had boyfriend wash it with flour and vinegar add flour and vinegar Xiaoyang the smell of the vinegar and shit the combination of it . so comfortable . it is going to kill me we have washed the inside now wash the other side lyrics lyrics am i singing right ? no you made it up yourself it weighs about 3kg now blanch it i can smell it what smell ? fragrance it looks delicious wash it again i am going to cook half of it the intestine bash the ginger ginger and garlic dark soy sauce salt cooking wine light soy sauce dried chili peppercorn the ready-made spices add a half of it put it on the stove bring it up to the boil then cook it for 15 minutes turn it off then cover for a few minutes fry the dish add the pakchoi it looks good take the intestine out it looks delicious the start of the intestine delicious slice it delicious spread chili flake the wine is a must for the intestine so soft delicious . it is the start of the intestine i didn’t add chili to this side cheers eat the garlic it is so good to eat the intestine with garlic and rice everyone has a different preference you have the gray hair grandpa doesn’t have any gray hair your grandpa is mortal he doesn’t have gray hair isn’t it delicious ? it is chewy i don’t want to eat rice without the chili flake you can tell ganma ( a famous brand of chili sauce )to send you some chili flake in the video are you embarrassed ? gamma sends me chili flake the homemade sausage dad, don’t eat it . it is too chewy the coriander is not so good . it is good you like it . i am not picky down it i can’t finish it . one bite of intestine and one bite of garlic your flavour is heavy add more chili flake so delicious the chili sauce is free from any additive how do you know that ? you guess i thought you called ganma you should make the call thanks for the chili flake so delicious . we can finish it in a few days there is soy bean powder . how do you know that ? i guessed it you bragged i am stuffed take exercise after the meal so delicious my mother said eat more vegetable and less rice are you full ? yes remember to exercise later . ok if you like eat intestine , i strongly recommend it to you i can finish it in a few minutes but my father loves it , too i am going to leave it for him to eat it with noodles tomorrow his favourite eat meat and have wine but remain a kind heart satisfying

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  1. ขอชับไทยด้วยค่าาา💓💓💓❤❤

  2. 下次試試看滷好了再炸 最好是大腸裡頭塞大蔥在炸 沾胡椒吃 很香 推薦給妳試試看

  3. Olá chef você e sua esposa canta muito lindo canta muito bem parabéns cante sempre ok🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👋👋👋👍👍👍🌷🌷🌷💋💋💋

  4. Chef Chao-Xiaoyang you're so beautiful……just like the intestine😂🤣..lots of love from India..stay safe everyone🙏

  5. 超小廚~聽你唱歌很逗趣的,尤其每次你們夫妻倆的互動,就是有趣~👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. 每天必點讚…再看。超哥我是逸塵。臉書也有按讚。小楊表演那首橋邊姑娘…好優美。

  7. Good Morning Chef and Family i really would try this dish we call them chilling 😆.I enjoyed this lovely dish and thanks for sharing.

  8. 我有差唔多二十年沒有食肥腸了,我媽咪以前煮肥腸非常好食,很可惜好味從此只能回憶了。

  9. вот у них правильное питание,без зелени мясо не едят,а мы зелень чуть чуть,в блюдо ,очень много проростков едят ,а мы к этому вообще не приучены.

  10. очень много приправ,а мы немножко,мы делаем колбасу из этих кишок,между прочим очень вкусно

  11. chef chao me gustaron mucho tus gestos lavando los intestinos , son muy buenos para comer pero difíciles de lavar saludos desde Colombia … admiro tu cultura y tú familia

  12. 超小厨对小杨说老爸一会儿回来,小杨立马赶紧站起来去煮饭,超小厨的爹家庭地位绝对是杠杠滴!😂

  13. 每天期待看你超小廚全家的影片,一天只能看一次,可否把你們早午晚餐再加消夜的影片都 po 出來讓大家看,實在想知道你們每天的生活,因為太可愛了太有趣了,最好姐姐那一家也每天都能看到的,

  14. 小厨字幕上有错别字哦~毕竟现在你的视频都发展到我感觉连小孩子都看而且还特全且认真的那一种~而且尤其你家那几个呢~还是稍微注意一下别误会了为好哈~

  15. Вроде бы все вкусно готовите, но есть кишки свиньи , нет спасибо.

  16. 好喜歡看你倆在一起做饭的唷,唱唱跳跳的溫情暖呼聲,做出味味色香的每一餐飯,你爸媽真的🈶️福氣,㊗️你一家开开心心💕快快樂樂,樂也融融🧧🈵️🈵️💐

  17. 聽到你們說,吃完飯後做運動有活力,生活就更加好了。最好能看到你們做運動的視頻。

  18. 超小廚,你老婆左额头有个新的疤痕,你的負責任。你拿的茶杯是六七十年代,喝的可安逸啦!可惜給你用的搪瓷边缘都掉下來,让我想起那年代的縫紉机,腳踏車,上海牌手表…。10斤豬腸怎麼煮成那么一盤,都給你偷吃了!

  19. 初初覺得你有點囂張浮誇 ,現在都覺得你都其實是個滿滿正能量的人。每次那個“弄”也聽到好精神😂😂😂

  20. 你不是开头儿的时候还要一次都做完吗?哈哈哈哈哈。是因为一开始不知道是十斤吗?

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