《热血同行》(艳势番)第43集|黄子韬 易烊千玺 胡冰卿 马泽涵 吴俊余 Forward Forever EP43【捷成华视偶像剧场】

《热血同行》(艳势番)第43集|黄子韬 易烊千玺 胡冰卿 马泽涵 吴俊余 Forward Forever EP43【捷成华视偶像剧场】

[ Forward Forever ] EP43 # Google translate version for your reference # Let’s go We still have to go to Ayi. Mary wants to take my sister to the scene Threat to Chong Liming She will definitely take precautions So we can only steal the beam first step First, find out where Mary’s box is. Wagner noon tomorrow You are in the name of booking a box From those lists It should be possible to find out where Mary is Ke Yanxin How can you bring Blast Dog and Si San Mr Mix into the scene That we were notified Let’s check the circuit of this playing field Next to the box on the second floor Get ready in Mary’s box You set up a dark grid near your seat Si San, you changed to a dress and hid it Find the opportunity to pack go sister Ayi Sister, let’s go Don’t worry, he will be fine Call It’s great to call Call I have someone at the front door Hurry up Yes Yes Whether it’s a scene or a point Chong Liming is all down He still can’t win Flash away brother Chong Liming should not lose No, he will win. brother brother Stand up brother Stand up stand up Chong Liming, come on, Chong Liming Chong Liming, come on, stand up Hit him Chong Liming, come on Chong Liming Fight back Hold on brother Are you okay Are you ok Grandpa stand up Brother stand up Hold on, bro Are you ok brother Brother brother Chong Liming Chong Liming Are you ok Stand up You are as weak as other Chinese Grandpa, get up It’s over Give in or I break your arm I Chong Liming Never admit defeat Good, Chong Liming brother When the pigeons are waiting in the bell tower of the storm Look at the rust on my broken shoulder Your heart my heart Suddenly wet the sky Then I seemed to finally understand ten nine nine Eight Eight Seven Seven six Fives four three two One Out it is good Good good good Lost consciousness in the mist You are still by my side I try to resist everything Your quiet smile on me Chong Liming I am in another world When and where China China China Lost consciousness in the mist You are still by my side I try to resist everything Your quiet smile on me another world China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China wins China China China wins China wins China China China Furiously forward with the train You are still by my side I try to resist everything After rebirth I broke my cocoon and became a butterfly another world China China China It’s really my thoughts My responsibility i am willing to take Do not worry I’ve been dealing with peace talks Let both parties agree to our terms Please give me another chance Is there any misunderstanding of the minister? Your dedication minister is in your eyes But the North-South peace talks What he means why This is the decision of the Minister Nothing why What should i do You should focus on cholin Don’t blame me for not reminding you Chong Liming has also been working for no reason If you can’t calm down this farce anymore You can only return home The stars are bright tonight Aren’t you drunk? I ca n’t drink this wine today The more you drink, the more sober you are. What did you tell Ayi Sweet words Since he left Yanfan Although I saw him this time Still feel kind But i always feel I don’t understand his heart anymore He grows up There should be a way to go We should be happy for him I ask you If Ai didn’t come to save me this time Will you choose to give up the game You asked it on purpose You say I will definitely send someone to save you What if everyone didn’t rescue me? that Then I don’t know what to do you Beginning of language You know I would never let you Suffer any harm Even if you let me use my own life Change your life I will not hesitate But this time I really ca n’t help it look They are the ones who come to see me Shout for me Are the people living here They think of everything Pinned on me They expect me to win this game Take me as their hope Even if only a little bit How can i fail What do they trust in me and so The question you just asked me I really don’t know how to answer you The moment I stood on the ring I don’t know what to choose All right I have already returned No more hesitation Beginning of language What should I do now I have nothing clearer than this moment Only them Is the one who deserves the most And you this road As far as you go Ayi, I have always wanted to ask you something After you leave Yanshifan How did it become a revolutionary party? It’s a long story Talk about When we were operating in Sichuan I met Zhou Jue Because of him you chose the revolution Not at all What is that Because when we were operating in Sichuan, I heard see a lot of things Where the people are displaced Helpless that time I think the court It’s rotten from the inside out after that Dasha died under the new army gun again I have no reason Can stay in Yanfan Ayi Revolution and republic Really so good revolution Is to make all people equal Live with dignity I certainly feel like China Will definitely be more hopeful Ayi When you say these things It feels like you’re changed You are much happier than before Yang Zhen Do you think You can be like me I forget it If you join us Will definitely feel more hopeful every day I managed to return to Yanshifan I don’t want to toss anymore Sorry The court was under great pressure Send a representative to participate in the competition Win the championship in one fell swoop For the face of the people For the benefit of the people We do not hesitate to confront the powers and Lord Deqi Why didn’t Erji Chongliming come This Chong Liming Injured during the game now what Still in hospital His heroic performance in the game Worthy of her identity Worthy of the court This Chong Liming didn’t come How can we write this report? Yes indeed Yes indeed Why do I find out when I need someone She has been alone for a long time Everything is going well for me Like a child, very straightforward, not in love Everyone said Their love is complicated I don’t think so It’s actually very simple, because only you and I love I told you my most sincere side But this world becomes Can’t believe simple love Even if I confess The response is like a monologue I ca n’t love even if I tell you smell good You are up Too hungry Come here with a scent Then if you are hungry, sit down first correct Don’t wake them up I want to eat more today what happened do not know Is it because of my injury? I think this fork is extremely heavy Open mouth My mouth is so small You give me that big intestine I still hurt Come over and sit You are too far away from me to feed me Annoying Only when I’m in pain You will be the cutest The tenderest side Leave far away too delicious I’m relieved now Rest assured I’ll eat what you make every day How can I live if it’s not delicious Don’t you want to eat Don’t you brag? You said This Ayi is really Left early in the morning I want to send him breakfast no need Now in peace talks He went to City Hall early in the morning Do we not need to go We still have Collin We’re never done with foreigners Blame me all this The report you asked me to get I didn’t get it back This is not to blame you They bully you I haven’t settled with them yet It doesn’t matter if the report is not returned Can’t get it next time Although the report was not returned But i saw it all Do you remember what it is It ’s all foreign, I do n’t understand but I remember the last signature What signature Is the signature of the laboratory doctor Who Yannick Yannick The concession is so big Where do you find a foreign devil? This is not a pharmacological report Either doctor or pharmacist And maybe a professor in medical school Or medical staff from other institutions I see him working with customs and Taihe Yangxing Should be related In the concession Should be a more famous doctor Doctors in the concession There are two general places One is the big hospital One is a private clinic We have to check both places take a look There are two major concessions in Shanghai Public concession One is French Concession Wagner Yang Zhen You go to the public concession tomorrow The rest go with me to the French Concession remember Don’t let go of any clue Take every pharmacy and hospital clinic Check everything understand This Nanjing Road has come to an end Church hospital no Pharmacy and Clinic I have never heard of Yannick Where did you say he would hide? Do not He won’t hide why Collin Originally legal Since they dare to sell so brazenly I won’t hide it cigarette There should be a clinic ahead Let’s go and see walking go go Can’t you see We do not accept Chinese here What kind of thing are you What happened Wow you Vada treats you You are japanese That this is Plague dog mulberry I stupid Yes Yes Come to see a doctor Doctor on the second floor Please follow me Please please Where can I check this? Have you taken five hundred and two? Five hundred two The code you last charged me with It has doubled to five thousand. How good we changed it look Far in the sky What are you worried about I didn’t want to invite you to dinner Buy you a gift Take my money Buy me a gift Really sincere OK, let’s go do not move Hello you fake demon do not move Dare to tell me not to accept Chinese Want to die you Two Did n’t I just eat in the concession? Do not talk nonsense Tell you Hurry up and pick me up the outside sign Let me see again I see you hit you once Hear no Yes Yes Yes Yes I ask you Don’t know a doctor named Yannick No no no Foreign language speak English Don’t know don’t know do not know Come here one by one Come here one by one Come here one by one Come one by one Chong Liming is here it’s him national hero big hero big hero Chong Liming is amazing amazing Great Great Chong Liming Good Chong Liming Good give it to me Give money Five thousand Eagle Ocean, you count no need I lost a lot, this time Trivia The company has strong financial resources Have some blood to play with everyone Nothing It’s true Your Far East company is relying on Collin Make so much money But good days should come to an end What do you mean Don’t you know what i mean Go Thanks You can go slowly This calm Who told you to make it? that is not Isn’t it for you to have a good meal Or should we go back first go back Aren’t we here for Yannick? Just a few small errands Let’s rest That won’t work We are here for business What’s the matter Why don’t we go to the movie See a movie I heard Someone recorded Video of the game i won It’s been playing in Hongkou Grand Theater these days Should we take a look Don’t go It’s wonderful Go to go I’m not going I said you Why are you leaving? I didn’t expect Yannick to be quite arrogant go in What’s the name of Miss Surname Yang Yang Yuchu My wife I have a headache and cough these days Never see good Are you okay, ma’am? Mr All right This medicine I don’t know if my wife can eat Still can’t eat What do you mean Yannick Collin You should be familiar who are you It doesn’t matter who we are What do you want to do I ask you Customs pharmacology report Did you write I don’t know what you are talking about If you are not here to see a doctor Just ask you out You know you have a problem with Collin Why do you sign the report Sorry If you don’t leave again, I had to call the concession hunt Let’s go first Patrol house right now Concessions in Tianjin, Guangzhou, Ningbo and other places Have been included in the store opening plan. We plan to Strive to open 30 more Warwick pharmacies right now Huajie in Shanghai We have also selected twelve addresses Initial seven Five more addresses Would you please decide again Is there a problem It’s up to you what happened Miss Mary Chong Liming won The meaning of our previous game planning All gone This makes me very passive in the Ministry of Industry A director has already questioned me Mr Kane What did you say what’s up They went to Yannick why I know Who Detective Huang Chong Liming went to Yannick Just that doctor What is he looking for Yannick Pharmacological Report of Collin What he did Chong Liming, this is to change the law Then should I go and see What’s the matter? Notify me immediately Don’t take it lightly Is not You all found him Why don’t you tie him back? Yes indeed Catch it Don’t believe him You know how to fight Do you know it’s in the concession What’s wrong with the concession Concessions can also start Abduction of a foreigner in the concession Do you think it is feasible Inspector Huang has sent several Patrol to protect him Harder to access Naye mean his meaning Let’s figure it out Yannick’s whereabouts Mr. Yannick Mr. Yannick Out go Girl looking at umbrella Pick it This color is good White is nice Lets see Ok Take a look at the umbrella Facebook Mask 嘞 What did you say he was going to do? Go keep up it is good Take a look Come and see the flowers Fragrant flowers 嘞 Yannick goes out at seven every morning 8 o’clock to the clinic Work at five Go home at six What about the rest time Stay at home He never goes to a tavern Theater or something No friends came to visit him You said he stayed home alone There is no Golden House How can he survive? Can the villa start? Hang Patrol house nearby Three minutes away Patrol day and night shift At the door of his house Where is the clinic Not to mention Surrounded by shops Is the place with the most people Does he really not rent out the realm? I do not believe He will definitely come out Keep staring it is good Don’t lose it Stay tuned for a while Out Yannick Hello No need to follow me Ok He’s finally a little new Will it be a private lover? Go and see cigarette Go and see Shouldn’t he be here You know this place This is a nursery I lived here as a kid Let’s go in I’m more familiar here go Downstairs this is where the children sleep There’s a storage room and kitchen over there You search on the first floor I go to the second floor Break up it is good Zhener Where have you been these days? Do not talk what happened All right correct Did you take medicine today medicine What medicine I knew you forgot it again Come Zhener how do I A little sleepy mother Go to sleep when you are sleepy how about it No Not upstairs correct There is an confession room in the church Maybe he is hiding there I went to see You search here I know that medicine is poisonous Eating too much is addictive But they gave me a lot of money This money can make my son Noble School The difference between my thoughts Gave up a professional doctor Ethics Forged a fake pharmacological report I betrayed my soul for money It ’s hard day and night Pray for my sins The Lord heard your supplication Will accept your prayers Oh God Then i should surrender that share Original report You keep the report Yes At my clinic Someone found me a few days ago Ask me about that medicine I do not know Do you want to tell them the truth

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