वज़न घटाने का राज । Weightloss Secrets । Natural way to Fatloss  । Motapa Kam Kare

वज़न घटाने का राज । Weightloss Secrets । Natural way to Fatloss । Motapa Kam Kare

Hello friends, I am Suman chauhan welcome to my channel Health city Today I will tell you about a star who have decreased his weight very much within a very short moment. You must think now, why I am telling you these what is your benefit in these. Like Belief and trust is very important for humans. If we follow anything with trust and belief or go to any doctor or take medicine It creates double effect if we have belief and trust But if you have rare trust and little hope nothing can cure you whether that is fatness or diseases I am talking about a star all know him and very popular He is well known singer Adnan sami, you must have seen him 2- 3 years ago 2- 3 years ago ,he was popular, still now he is , he was very fat He was popular then , so now He was very fat regarding a normal person But if you see him now , He is now in ideal weight He has lost 163 kg that is also in only 1 to 1 and half year You must think , he is a famous person with vast money, he must have hired a dietitian, with hard exercise he has lost weight You are right, that he has vast money But , think , he too follows Others may tell us hiring with huge money , they can tell us But we have to follow If anyone tells you what you need to do for free that is very good , someone is telling you for free But you need to follow Adnan sami too followed , so he lost weight In this video , I will tell you about what he followed about diet and what exercises he did By which he lost this much weight within this short time He has lost 10.5 kg per month I get your comments like madam this is impossible to lose 10 to 15 kg in a month Some say madam what you have said , no effect shows People who try with trust , they get the result In this video , you will know the weight losing journey of Adnan sami properly What diet he followed and the exercises he did As well as I will tell you one more thing without any diet easily I will tell you one more way to lose 10 to 15 kg weight Who have not got much fat yet only with some exercises and following my tips about eating can lose weight easily without diet controlling First , let’s know what Adnan sami did When he was too fat he faced some knee problems and had to undergo a surgery approx. 2 years ago After the surgery doctor suggested to stay in rest for 3- 4 months While staying in the bed he got excess fat enough to touch his lungs He could not sleep or breath could not sit or walk properly But he did not think about decreasing weight or he was unconscious about the upcoming problem He never thought about this , he was happy with eating He was very emotional in eating , both when he was happy and sad, he eats more Doctor said to him when he was in the bed that he could not live more than 6- 7 months if he would this way His father a rich and well reputated person in Pakistan told him one thing I have given you everything property, reputation everything whatever you need to do for the future , you do But don’t do such thing , for which I have to see you dead I can’t tolerate that Adnan took this very strongly to heart and became determined to lose weight whatever happens , he went to a shop He ate everything he wanted burger, cake, pastry etc Very next day , he hired a dietitian Dietitian asked him to take protein food to avoid sugar and minimise carbohydrates this diet was suggested to him He was told to walk only for 2- 3 months no other exercises as you have just been from the bed Within that 4 months Adnan lost 40 kgs only following diet He used to take protein diet started his day with a sugarless tea sugarless green tea, he ate protein food in the breakfast and toasted vegetables in the lunch with a very little olive oil on that after toasted Sometimes he took fish he was non vegetarian, he said he took grilled fish in the lunch dinner was also protein diet sometimes , he ate even grilled chicken for dinner or pulse. Means , whatever he took , contained high protein Thus , He lost 40 kg in 4 months His dietitian or whomever he had for tips told him to do exercise then of strength training , weight lifting or cardio exercise, diet was continuing earlier with high protein. Never ate harmful food and did proper exercise Slowly he started losing weight and he gained high motivation He continued diet and exercises and thus he lost 163 kg weight just after 1 to 1 and half year When he lost this much weight, he told in his interview He feels very good since he has lost his weight and he is happy now and I continue my work for long time He doesn’t feel like losing energy His energy level has increased and he can stand for longer time if he has any work needs stay standing Earlier , he could stay standing for less time Now he can do exercises and walking longer He has said, he has never got this beautiful time as like now, You will say , he has undergone surgery but he has said in his interview clearly He didn’t have any bariatric surgery In this surgery , our stomach is modified smaller using clips in the stomach , So that less food can be eaten But Adnan has made it clear that he did not undergo surgery Some say he underwent liposuction process In this process, with a needle , our fat is pulled out. But he has cleared it too He hadn’t underwent this surgery He has lost weight only by exercise and planing diet Now , he is normal and leading life as a normal person and is very happier now than before Thus, I want to tell you, think who has such huge weight and he has followed a diet , with proper exercises he has decreased his weight easily. And healthier and happier than before. Thus, if you follow diet with belief and do exercises , you can too lose weight. Our weight, where is fat seen this is an energy But we don’t understand Energy like, we eat food but do less work means, we use that less so , this starts to be stored. what to do then If fat has increased ,we have to eat less and to stay active more or use it whether that is exercise or domestic work If fat is used that will decrease and melt itself This is the formula you have to apply Eat less if you have excess fat and use it more Thus , you can decrease any much weight you got Now , I am talking if you don’t follow diet haven’t got much weight yet only 5 – 10 kg, not much increased You need to eat food chewing for 32 times Even if you are eating one piece of food , chew until that melts like water Eating this way , you will feel satisfaction and you will eat less food and decide if you eat 2 breads you have to eat one plate salad with one bread Thus, your stomach will be filled faster you will fell satisfied and if you eat chewing 32 times, you won’t feel extra huger to eat you will feel your stomach filled with one bread you won’t want any more Watch eating this way, Chew food properly, and any much fat you have got will be decreased if you eat this way, no need to follow diet but yes , be active and do exercise So that the food you are eating , can be used I think , by this video you have got much motivation and you will feel , if Adnan can do why not us and you will follow too That’s for today, hit like if you have liked the video, Share with your friends , subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet Press the bell icon as well , see you in the next video bye bye and take care.

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