पेट पतला करें – बिना जिम जाए | WITHOUT GYM – TUMMY – WORKOUT  | 2 दिन में असर | HEALTHCITY

पेट पतला करें – बिना जिम जाए | WITHOUT GYM – TUMMY – WORKOUT | 2 दिन में असर | HEALTHCITY

Hello friends I am Suman Chauhan. Welcome to my channel Health city. Today I am going to tell you about some exercise which if you do you will see the effect in only 2 days. In only 2 days Your fatness will start to decrease. You will get a lot of motivation If you do them. Because, you will see the change on the very first day and you will notice the effect. Who go to the gym, can do easily But who don’t go to the gym whether ladies or gents. This is for those people and your motivation level will be high. Because , this exercises will create difference from the first day. But, before that I want to tell you about the worker who lift weight. They eat the same breads and don’t do any yoga or exercise, also they have none to say. But their belly is slim. why ? Because they put pressure and tension by lifting weight. Today we will do the same to put pressure on the body and bring tension. Your weight will start to lose and when you will do this exercise you will see You will sweat a lot. But there are some cautions. That are not much. Be sure when you do this exercise that you have eaten minimum 2 to 2:30 hours ago. 2nd is , don’t start doing exercise without warming up the body. Some start doing anything. Don’t do this. You have to do pranayam and other light exercises. Means, warm up your body. Walk minimum of 100 – 200 steps. Warm up your body properly. Not like getting up from the bed you have started working. 3rd thing, who have pain in the back or any other problem. Pain in the knee or pain like pain felt in the older age. Or any fracture , pain have these exercises are not for them who have got hit. Who are normal can easily do and fat they can do easily. Back pain having people are totally forbidden. They can do normal exercises. Who have pain in the back, will do simple exercise and can lose fatness by doing pranayam. Let’s know about the exercise and what is the thing in it which will decrease fat from the very first day. Let’s see. I have taken some weight in both the buckets. I could show you going to the gym by lifting weight and doing exercise. But the housewives can’t go to the gym and very much fed up with the fatness. They want that anyhow fat to be decreased. They may not have gym nearby or some ladies cant afford to join a gym. For them the best exercises are these. Lift these. Lift them this way and come walking. You have seen when we lift weight by our hands tummy gets inside. We will walk with this. How much stretch creates on our tummy you can’t even think . When you will do , you will see. This is a logic, when you lift any weight in your hand pressure creates automatically on your belly. Think, when you will continue them daily you will do 10 -20 turn lifting the bucket. Your tummy will decrease a lot. And how much fat you will lose means how much calorie you will burn. You can think. 2nd is , the weight must not be light. Not like you are lifting the bucket and come after running and you are done. Not even like , too heavy that you have to put much pressure , even you can’t lift and becomes difficult for you to walk even two steps. Not be either much heavy or very light. I will show you walking. On your roof or in any open place, lifting the bucket make round by walking as many as you can . At the very first day , make less walk like 10 rounds. Increase from the next days. Increase by one round. Means increase slowly. Don’t do from the first day. Increase slowly. 2nd , take any weight , like if that falls , you won’t be hurt. I have taken some books. I won’t hurt even they fall. Take some weight like this. This is enough weight to have a pressure while lifting them. I feel weight even I do this. Take this much weight. Don’t take too heavy that you can’t lift. Taking this , catching this way keep walking. In the second exercise , make rounds as per your ability. Increase time slowly, day by day. 3rd exercise,get some rest doing these exercises. Not like you have started doing instant after the second one. Rest for 10 – 20 seconds and again and again lift the weight. Take the weight down as much as you can. Standing straight and don’t bend your waist. Take back up to your chest and take as much as you can. Do some repeat like 10 or 20 as many as you can do according to your ability from the first day. Do this way. You will do it twice a day. In the morning and in the evening when you are free. And you have eaten 2 – 2:30 hours ago. Then you can do this. Believe me your strength will increase, you will feel that you can’t do at the first day. But slowly follow proper diet. Protein diet is very important. If you do this exercise. Your whole body strength and power will be used to do these exercise. You need to take high protein diet. This will grow your muscles and if that happens , your fat will burn fast. This is the best exercise If you do that in a proper way. And follow the proper diet. Do these exercises when you are calm. Don’t take stretches totally. You must be free and you have eaten 2- 2:30 hours ago. Then do these exercises. Before that must do warm up. This exercise will give you a lot of effect and will give you benefit and weight will lose soon. If you have liked the video don’t forget to like and share. Who is yet to subscribe, please subscribe and press the bell icon. See you in the next video , bye bye and take care.

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